About New York Chinese Language Center

Learning Chinese as a second language is an exciting, enriching process and New York Chinese Language Center teaches you to make the most of your thrilling new skill.

At New York Chinese Language Center, we teach Mandarin Chinese by beginning with a solid foundation of basic and accurate pronunciation. You'll then learn to use proper grammar and enough vocabulary words to comfortably converse in Chinese. After just one course at New York Chinese Language Center, (NYCLC) you will be able to speak Mandarin fluently and you will learn about the Chinese culture and customs in order to appreciate the language in context. Learning Chinese as a second language won't be dull or difficult at New York Chinese Language Center.


At NYCLC, we always provide a productive, pleasant learning experience.

Students say New York Chinese Learning Center makes learning Mandarin Chinese fun!

Our Expert Instructors

All instructors at NYCLC are native Mandarin speakers, and they understand the challenges and complexities of learning a second language.

With years of experiences, our Mandarin Chinese instructors can rapidly teach you or your child the language that, if not taught properly, might be considered one of the hardest to learn in the world.

Our patient, experienced teachers take the time to make sure EVERY student is on pace with the rest of the class, learning to be fluent in Mandarin Chinese.

In addition to providing quality language courses on Mandarin Chinese, NYCLC also broadens your understanding of the Chinese culture through Fang's Gourmet Tea and Ching Hsin Martial Arts Dojo.

NYCLC students may also enjoy a complimentary class on Chinese Teaism (tea brewing and tasting) or Tai Chi Chuan, in order to better experience Chinese culture in America.

Don't put off your Mandarin Chinese training another day! With four ways to learn, and expert teachers, New York City's best place to learn Chinese is:

New York Chinese Language Center

Where learning Mandarin Chinese is made easy.

For more information on NYCLC, please contact our registration office at 212-219-0526 or email us at info@nychineselearning.com.



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