The Payoff


    Learning Mandarin Chinese is easy and fun and can pay off handsomely in numerous ways. If you've already invested time learning Chinese in New York Chinese Language Center's Beginner's classes and know the basics of Chinese, Intermediate classes are a crucial next step in your Chinese language training.


You’ve taken Beginner’s I and II. You’re ready for Intermediate Chinese.


You understand basic Chinese grammar and sentence structure and, like 1.3 billion other people, you can now communicate in Mandarin Chinese. New York Chinese Language Center Intermediate Class is where your progress in learning Chinese becomes the most rewarding. In this class, you will discover that you can now be completely understood by native Chinese speakers! .
You've found your voice.


    Intermediate Class at New York Chinese Language Center puts you in a position to converse confidently in Mandarin Chinese. Upon completion, most students are able to speak Mandarin Chinese fluently.


    Intermediate Class also advances your Mandarin Chinese speaking and writing abilities. With close attention to grammar and sentence construction, your instructors will carefully monitor your progress to ensure that you are on pace to master your ability to speak Chinese!


    Conversation skills are paramount in the Intermediate Class. Course content is designed to improve students' conversation skills using play-acting and discussion exercises. Slang and commonly used terms in authentic daily life are used with frequency to immerse the intermediate student in the language of Chinese. A major focus in this course is on vocabulary building, in order to have students to truly comprehend the customary expressions and common conversations that might take place in Mandarin Chinese. Students also expand their understanding of Chinese characters to help improve reading and writing skills.


Converse confidently
in fluent Mandarin
Now, you can learn the Chinese language at your own pace.


    Private tutoring allows New York Chinese Language Center (NYCLC) to custom-tailor an easy Mandarin Chinese language program specifically for you.


    You can learn to speak Mandarin Chinese precisely and fluently, without having to slow down or speed up to adjust to other students' levels of comprehension.


Efficient, Not Expensive


    New York Chinese Language Center designs your learning experience specifically to your learning ability and style. This popular, private tutoring program can offer greater flexibility in both the course material covered and the scheduling of classes.
For many in NYC, this teaching style is the most efficient and effective way to learn the language of Chinese.


It's all about you!


    Whatever your reason for learning the most widely spoken language on earth, New York Chinese Language Center will teach you to effectively communicate Mandarin Chinese and sound like a native speaker.


Benefits of Private Classes

• Your objectives are stated and goals agreed upon ahead of time
• Your expectations are exceeded, every time
• You learn to speak Mandarin Chinese, on your own terms
    Intermediate students often add a private class on the side to quicken the pace of learning the language, expediting the process of becoming fluent in Mandarin Chinese.


    Private real-life conversation practice may also be included in the program, per student request, with on-site visits to New York's Chinatown or Flushing.


Custom-tailored Chinese learning could be just right for you.


Please contact us for detailed information of our private tutoring program.
Take advantage of our private Chinese tutoring program
Corporate Training
Is your company currently doing business with Chinese speaking countries such as China?
Is your firm looking to establish business relationship with companies from Chinese speaking territories?


To better achieve such goals, equipping yourselves and your employees with the abilities to read and converse in Mandarin Chinese is therefore essential to the growth of your business, and New York Chinese Language Center can help.
NYCLC will custom design a systematic curriculum just for you and your staff after identifying the needs that are vital to your business and the level of proficiency in Mandarin Chinese that you would like to reach. Our syllabus may include the terminologies commonly seen in your industry, proper business grammar, conversation practices, as well as basic reading and Chinese typing exercises.

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Learn to speak Mandarin Chinese like a native speaker !
NYCLC Strategies for Successful Learning:


• Role-playing Chinese conversation practices
• Step-by-step Chinese grammar analysis
• Chinese vocabulary building
• Challenging but fun Chinese writing assignments


     Beginners at New York Chinese Language Center evolve into effective communicators in the Chinese language, able to create sentences on their own, make conversations, and even write simple letters.


      Using the Mandarin phonetic systems of Hanyu Pinyin and Zhuyin, students are taught the precise pronunciation of each word for accurate articulation and successful expression. On-site conversation practices while dining out and shopping in a group in NYC's Chinatown or Flushing often round out the course, giving students a real-life experience and immersion in the world of Chinese.


      All NYCLC students may also receive a complimentary class on Chinese tea brewing and tasting or Tai Chi Chuan lesson from our affiliated organizations for more appreciation of the colorful Chinese culture.

Beginner I

Begin exploring Mandarin Chinese.

Learn simple grammar: greetings, counting numbers, naming common objects, and using proper classifiers.

Learn the foundation basics of accurate pronunciation.

Students will be competent in:

• Pin Yin or Zhuyin system
• Greeting
• Subjects and “Be” verb
• “What”, “Where”, “This”, “That”, “Here” and “There” sentence structures
• Counting numbers


Beginner II


Building on skills learned in Beginners I, students will explore various sentence structures, auxiliary verbs, as well as building their vocabulary and pronunciation skills.

Students will be competent in:

• Auxiliary Verbs
• Telling Time
• “Who”, “When”, “How much” and “How many” sentence structures
• Commonly used verbs

Easy and fun to learn!

No matter what your age, you can learn the Chinese language. Now is the time to begin.

New York Chinese Language Center has two levels of Mandarin Chinese beginner's classes.

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